The Simple Life

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I've always loved the idea of the simple life. I want clear up my life for the thing that matters most: Human Connection.

I don't want to...

  • have big house.
  • have three cars.
  • have a lot of clothes.
  • be involved in 19373 activities

So, if I don't want to live a life with these things, what does the simple life look like?

I want to have a...

  • Consistent morning and night schedule that provides me the opportunity to love people big daily.
  • Lots of kids so I can help raise the new generation to love God and people with their everything.
  • Thriving community which creates good everywhere we go.
  • Job that let's me forge healthy communities on the schedule that I create.

The simple life is the goal for me. This is not the goal because it's less money, less stress, and less maintenance (although it is all three of those things), but because it leaves me more time to make human connection.  I look at my life and I am well on my way not because it's an intentional choice, but because I'm dirt poor! Haha, but when the day comes where it is a choice, I will choose the simple life.

Are you living the simple life?

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