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How do you go from lazy to productive in a week?

Saturdays I am almost always unproductive. Part of this is intentional, the other part is laziness if I am going to be honest. I wake up later and often watch a documentary of some sort and lay around until around 3 PM, when I start preparing for the service I lead that night. This Saturday was different though, I strangely woke up extremely energized. I took a quick shower and headed out the door to the library that I worked at for hours. Why the sudden switch from lazy to productive?

I’ve been journaling for six days straight. I am usually consistent with this habit but Thanksgiving through me off track. For some reason, getting back to this habit has made me much more healthy! I’ve been more motivated, more passionate, more aware and less lazy. It is crazy what reflecting can do to the body. I am grateful that I discovered this spectacular habit.

Be religious about your time in your journal

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