The Purple Cow (New Challenge)

Don't wait to be YOU. I was talking with a couple of my community leaders the other day. Over the smell of rice and chicken we talked about vulnerable topics. Finally, after question after question, one leader who is usually quiet spoke up and said: "I try and fit in, I really try, but I just can't seem to be like everyone else".

I immediately wanted to respond with, "THEN DON'T". But instead I talked about a purple cow. 

At this point you're probably asking: "Why the heck did you mention a purple cow?!", let me explain,

One of my favorite online mentors, Seth Godin cam up with this idea. Let's say you and I in a car and as we are strolling through green fields we see a cow. Okay, not a big deal, we move on with our days without a second thought on the normal cow; but, what if that cow was purple?! I would get out my phone and put it straight on my instagram story and tell all of my friends about it for weeks! 

What's the difference between the purple cow and the normal cow?

One stood out because it was remarkable (Worthy of remark), one stood out because it innately was different. How many of us want to live a colorful Christianity and we sadly think that trying to be like the normal cow will get us there when it's actually the purple cow. 

This week I want all of us to be purple cows in a way. This is where the metaphor breaks down because the funny thing about this is that I will my purple cow is COMPLETELY different than your purple cow. In other words, my real self will be remarkably different than your real self. So the question this week is:

What has God has uniquely gifted you to bring the world?

Jake VaydaComment