The Lucky Man

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As the cool temperature unwinds my body after a work out, I walk along the path near my house. The moon and stars shine brightly over the distant mountains as I take each step forward. Praying to God, I can’t help but realize that I am simply a creation of the people in my life. The way I walk, the way I talk, the way I think has all been deeply influenced by those who have helped me feel like I belong on this planet.

My success is not my own and my joy is not my own. You see, I am a lucky man. I’ve had the opportunity to build relationships that have lasted years rather than days, I’ve had the opportunity to be loved by my tribe in ways that I has brought me to tears on so many occasions.

Tonight I yield to my people. Thank you for loving me when I didn’t care. Thank you for affirming me when it didn’t seem to matter to me. Every hug extended, every word shared, every “I Love You” given mattered and still matters. Not even knowing at the time, I walked that path tonight not alone, but surrounded by my people. Thank you God.

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