The Loneliest Hero

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Sometimes I feel like I have to make every conversation come alive: I have to ask the perfect question or say the perfect phrase. If my ego had its way, I would be the hero of the story every time. My ego wants me to perform in order to show everyone around me that I am the hero. The sad part of the story is that the hero is often the loneliest one, setting himself a part from the people in his own proximity.

Stardom and individual heroism, which are such obvious aspects of our competitive society, are not at all alien to the Church. There too the dominant image is that of the self-made man or woman who can do it alone.
— Henri Nouwen

Life is made to be a communal and mutual experience. We win together and we lose together. We sharpen each other as we live together. We lay down our lives as servants for the greater mission of Jesus on earth, even if that means laying down our own egos. "Laying down your life means making your own faith and doubt, hope and despair, joy and sadness, courage and fear available to others as ways of getting in touch with the Lord of life".

I need to consistently check my own ego at the door, knowing it is not from God. I need to make sure that I am not performing for a crowd; and instead, feel like I am a part of the crowd as we worship God through my gifts.

Are you trying to do this alone?

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