The Key to any Idea

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Relationship covers.

Sitting by the pool with cheese and crackers on my plate, I hear kids playing in the pool as I listen to him talk about his childhood. Going on this quick double date with a couple that had dreams to plant a church was wonderful. We saw them around but we never had an opportunity to have intentional conversation until now. Leaving we felt much closer to them than beforehand; That’s what intentional conversation does.

The next week I get a message from the couple inviting us to an event they were hosting for their new Church, without hesitation we said yes.

You know what’s funny?

I would have said no if we did not go on that double date. Why? They are still beautiful people with a beautiful dream. What was the difference between supporting them and not supporting them? Relationship. Quick trivia! What is the difference between a stranger inviting you to an event and a close friend inviting you to an event? The difference is that you are more likely to attend the friends event rather than the strangers.

The thing is, it honestly matters little how much of a genius you are or the talent your possess. What matters is your ability to cultivate healthy relationships with only the agenda of seeking to understand the other person. Any endeavor you partake in starts and ends with this simple concept.

Who do you need to have an intentional conversation with for the sake of an intentional conversation?

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