The Hard Stuff

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The tasks that you don't want to do, are the same tasks that you need to do.

It's easy to consume our days with monotonous work without accomplishing anything significant. This kind of work is easy because of the small boost of gratification that we get: Thinking we've checked off a mental box. With that said, answering emails and having 'brainstorming' meetings that turn into distracting conversations will not achieve something that matters.

Deep work, the work that only you can do, the work that takes significant focus and brain power is the work that needs to be done. Cultivating vibrant relationships, writing that essay, strategizing the vision and creating content are all forms of deep work. Most people never get to a point of consistently diving into this type of work.

What is deep work for you; here, I'll answer that in 21 words:

What is the stuff that you know you should do, but haven't found the time? Whatever that is, do it today.

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