The Greatest Creation of the Digital Age

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Online Communities are the best thing that has come from the Digital Age.

  1. We used to pay hundreds more to stay in a hotel, now people open up their homes for much cheaper.

  2. We used to spend too much money on taxis, now regular people are our own taxi.

  3. We used to cough up a lot of dough to learn something new from professionals, now we watch free classes from friends who want to share their knowledge.

  4. We used pay money for an expert, now we just go see the reviews from regular people and make a decision.

  5. We used to spend a lot of money in post-it stamps, now we can see their face and hear their voice anytime we want for free.

Effectively eradicating the middle person (Hotel, Taxi, Professional, Expert, and Post Office) saves huge costs. We do not have to pay the overhead of huge organizations and instead, we can talk to a friendly neighbor and get the same thing, for half of the price! Online Communities realized that there is a beauty in people helping people. For so much less, we can have the ability to create a human connection with our Uber driver, Airbnb host or our Online Instructor without dealing with crappy customer service.

Are you taking advantage of Online Communities?

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