The Gift Obligation

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MOPS, which stands for mother of preschoolers, is an organization filled with a bunch of mothers who are striving to find community and learn how to parent effectively. With over 100 woman in this tribe, the head of the program asked me to be apart of the panel, because of course I am qualified to teach mothers how to raise their children being 22 years old who's a male. I immediately responded yes. The dar arrived having no idea what to expect nor what I was going to bring to the discussion. As I got on state with a middle school principle who so happened to have his doctorate and a mother of two adult children, I knew I was in the wrong place. Trying to be confident, I sat on my stool ready to sound extremely stupid.

As the questions were being asked every answer of mine was wrapped into a story from my childhood. I found myself reeling off words and sayings that needed to be said as the panel continued. To inspire people to action through the stories I communicate is a passion of mine, it's also a gift.

The thing is, you have a responsibility to use your gifts. When we use our gifts, it feels like we're in another world. The words or the action comes from another place, but this strong conviction to express it demands it to be expressed. This is how we live our best life, by utilizing these strengths for the service of others.

Are you using your gifts well?


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