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On January 1st, I wrote a blog stating that I planned to write 365 blogs within the span of the 365 days of 2018. This is day 316. For 316 days there have been 316 blogs. I am excited to reflect on the lessons I have learned over the next 49 days of the year. One of the benefits of my work is that I now have a library of my own thoughts that I get to dive into when I wonder what my thoughts are on any given subject. One of the ways I am going to reflect is to look at all of the blogs that I have written and categorize them into subjects such as: Transformation blogs, Jesus blogs, and Lifestyle blogs.

In some ways, this year long experiment of 365 blogs in 365 days was a way to discover what I am consistently passionate about over the span of a long period of time. There are many fruits to staying consistent to goals that we set for ourselves.

How have your commitments been rewarding?

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