The Cure to Funk

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I was in a funk yesterday for a good five hours. I was doing some email catch-up and I just felt, I don't know, off. It was a weird feeling where I couldn't just pinpoint the reasoning at first. I picked up my bag and headed to my Community (A Growth Group) that I lead, hoping for a change in mood.

As I walked into the doors, the smell of fresh cookies hit my nose as one of my friends yell, "JAKE!". All of the sudden, without explanation, my mood radically switched as we all sat around the kitchen table and talked about dating relationship stories as the night stretched on. For two hours, the laughter didn't stop nor the amount of cookies I consumed. I think there's something beautiful about spending time with people after a long day of work. It puts everything into perspective.

Maybe that funky feeling wasn't the end of the world, maybe that email didn't ruin my week, and maybe I need to be around my community more. 

Be around people that help you forget about your funk

...and eat homemade cookies more often.


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