The Cool Factor?

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The cool factor restricts many people from living a colorful life.

I listen to a lot of Pastors. Carl Lentz, Judah Smith, Francis Chan, Andy Stanley… I could go on. In college I liked them so much I tried to be like them. Taking dramatic photos where I appeared cooler that I actually am was the norm (hence the picture above). I wouldn’t post anything on Instagram unless it perfectly matched the persona I was trying to become. Needless to say, I didn’t post a lot because the real Jake Vayda wasn’t that persona! Frustrated from not being the same as those I deeply respected, my self confidence dropped to a new low.

With the gigantic expansion of instagram and facebook, a culture of sameness is being built. The Kardashians and the Beyonce’s of the world tell us what to wear, how to talk, and what to think. The culture of being cool is leading to culture of being the same. A civilization of sameness propagates uniformity and denounces individualization.

Here’s my challenge: Be different.

The cool factor is strong, but it will not lead to joy. Joy will require you to turn the tide towards hard work, bold choices, and unwavering focus. Joy will require you to live in your true self, regardless if it’s what is popping or not. Ironically, the people I respected the most became influential by not being the same as the culture but by being different than the culture.

Are you trying to be more you or more culture?

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