Thanksgiving Trip- Day 3

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From Saturday, November 17th, to Saturday, November 24th, I will be with my beloved family in Ohio. Here is something I learned from Day three.

Yesterday my younger brother, younger sister, and I woke up at 5 AM so we could pick up my girlfriend, Kaelia, from the airport. She flew a red eye from San Diego to Cleveland (Two days prior I made the same trip) in order to be with my family for Thanksgiving. Instead of just picking her up from the airport, we thought it would be a great idea to make small signs and meet her in the airport at the baggage claim area.

Listening to loud music with my younger siblings on our way to love somebody big, we had tons of fun singing at the top of our lungs at 5:30 AM. We finally get to the airport, park, and then make our way to the baggage claim area. After 30 minutes we see her and this is where the picture above was taken. Looking back, going the extra mile for someone you care about is spectacular for everyone involved. The experience is even more rich if you can bring other people along on the journey.

Go the extra mile for someone you love today

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