Thanksgiving Trip- Day 2

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From Saturday, November 17th, to Saturday, November 24th, I will be with my beloved family in Ohio. Here is something I learned from Day two.

We decided to drive to my Aunts house, an hour away, to watch the Steelers game together as a family. It was wonderful to see my extended family after over a year of separation. As we sat down for the game with all of our Steelers jerseys, we hoped for an easy, relaxing win… that did not happen. The game looked like a blowout until the Steelers came back and won the game with three seconds to go on the clock! We all began to high five and hug each other like we’ve never seen the Steelers win before. I think it’s funny that a football team unites my family like very few other activities.

I believe every family needs activities that brings them together. It might be playing cards, watching movies, or going to Church. Either way, this activity does not have to be immensely productive in and of itself. Often times, an activity is meaningful because of the people you do it with.

What activity unites your family?

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