Switch Your Feet

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Sometimes everything can seem gray. I wrote a blog on how I often see things in colors. The normal routine, with the same thoughts, and same people can get boring after awhile. You start realizing that there needs to be a switch in footing, a change of pace, a different color.

I purposefully slept in this morning. I realized I haven't slept in for weeks, so I willed myself to sleep until 10:30 AM. I usually wake up before the sun rises so it was absolutely different. As I began my normal morning routine I noticed how good I felt. The same habits felt somehow different, even the way I looked at people changed slightly being the middle of the day instead of the butt crack of dawn (I've wanted to use 'butt crack of dawn' for a while in a blog).

I watched a documentary last night on one of my favorite musical collectives: Switchfoot. Jon Forman explained the reason behind their name:

To switch your feet means to take a new stance facing the opposite direction. It’s about change and movement, a different way of approaching life and music.
— Jon Foreman

I hope we can approach life a little differently today. Even if it's as simple as buying a frappe instead of a tea at Starbucks or as dramatic as buying a random bus ticket to another city. It's important to see the world in different light. It's important to see people in a different light. Maybe it's not that your friends are boring it's just that you've been seeing them in the same light for too long.

Let's Switch our Feet 

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