Student Growth Groups Pt. 3

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My mission in life is to facilitate people into thriving community. I have the opportunity to serve over 20+ Growth Groups that are all beginning this week! Over the span of the next couple days, I get to visit many of them, here is story of the one I attended last night...

A young man walked up to me over 8 months ago during a church event to ask me a questions, "I want to serve with students, how can I get involved?". I was dumbfounded, I usually have to beg people to serve for middle school but this senior in high school wants to voluntarily serve?!

Ryan (I later found out) started serving for three services on Sunday, which is over six hours! I invited him to my small group and he attended regularly while in the process making it a thriving social get together for everyone involved. I later would baptize him.

Fast forward to last night and I get to see him lead a middle school group of his own. To know surprise of myself, the room was filled with laughter and energy as he expertly lead the space. Graduating high school and seeing him serve has been a huge blessing. His potential is limitless and I am so grateful I get to mentor him along the way.

Who are you developing?

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