Student Growth Groups Pt. 2

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My mission in life is to facilitate people into thriving community. I have the opportunity to serve over 20+ Growth Groups that are all beginning this week! Over the span of the next couple days, I get to visit many of them, here is story of the one I attended last night...

Standing in front of the house, I hoped five students would attend as the group was just beginning...One student showed up.

With the ratio of four leaders to one student, at least we knew we were well staffed!

Small beginnings are a part of life. It's easy to become frustrated or let down by the unmet expectation. It's easy to let that feeling set the culture for the whole group. I've been around just long enough to know that letting that 'feeling' sit is one of the worst things you can do.

We all gathered around and dreamed about what the group could be. We knew that up is the only direction and that four leaders can do some serious recruiting within the weeks to come. We made a plan and re-launching next week is the goal. 

We believe God grows, but it should never stop us from throwing the seeds. 

What have you given up on?

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