Student Growth Groups Pt. 1

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My mission in life is to facilitate people into thriving community. I have the opportunity to serve over 26 Growth Groups that are all beginning this week! Over the span of the next couple days, I get to visit many of them, here is story of the one I attended last night...

I haven't felt that alive in months. To see middle schoolers speak out about loneliness at school and how this group could help them was spectacular. I coach all the leaders of these groups and I love having the chance to develop them so we can reach more students who need community. This was a reminder that every student needs a village to raise them and I am committed to make that happen where I live.

I have a goal of facilitating 500 students into thriving community by the end of the fall. This is the stuff I live for, AND I get paid to do it.

In what way do you serve your community? 

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