Struggling Beauty

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36 hours. 7 people. One SUV.

Driving from Ohio all the way down to Arizona was a trip, literally.

Piling everyone into the SUV with two weeks worth of stuff was a feat in and of itself. Driving through the night into the day...and then back into the night, all I could do was think. Smashed against the window nearing 11 PM, we ride through the desserts of Texas. As snores were heard from three of my siblings in the back of the SUV, I began to think about the life I wanted to live; creating community, writing books, getting married, having children, living by the beach. I felt as if I could explode as ideas shot off in my head like fireworks.

Nearing the 36th hour of trek, we knew it would soon be over. What seemed like eternity, we finally arrived at the Grand Canyon. Stepping out of the SUV like we were stepping on the moon for the first time, we were dumfounded by the view. With my siblings and I sharing a one big blanket as we stepped closer to the cliff, we couldn't stop our teeth from chattering. We finally stood there as we watched the sun rise from the opposite side of the canyon. Colors that I've never seen before showed themselves that morning. Deep orange and yellow filled the canyon as the clouds started to dissipate. Was the trip worth it in that moment? I would absolutely say yes.

The most beautiful things in life require the most amount of sacrifice. To go even further, the most beautiful things in life are only beautiful because of the sacrifice put into it! It's the trek that makes the destination so colorful. Looking at the sunrise, I knew in that moments that every single one of my dreams would require deep sacrifice; but I also knew the struggle makes it beautiful and oh so worth it. So, if you're struggling right now as you seek to attain someone colorful, know that it's only through the struggle that it can be achieved.

It's okay to struggle, it makes it real



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