Stop Working so Hard

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How do I begin changing my relationship with God from one of work to one of Joy?

I like working. I like having a purpose, but often times, my doing can lead to unhealthiness in my relationship with God. It's easy for me to think that I'm helping God. With this idea, I can get very low when I am not living out my purpose... "What is God going to do if he doesn't have my help?!". 

The beautiful thing about God is that he doesn't need us. It wasn't, "In the beginning, God needed help". If God needed help, he wouldn't be God! We are not called to help God, we are called to follow God. Of course, this doesn't disregard hard work but often times 'work' leads to an healthy mindset of aiding God as if he needs the aid in the first place! 

Our strengths are gifts; they are tools to follow God faithfully, but they are not earned. Let this truth free you from having to strive, you get to love God knowing he doesn't need you. Isn't that beautiful? Stop working so hard, start by being grateful. If you can, you'll start following God from a place of abundance.

What if you looked at your strengths as gifts?

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