Stay Humble

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It's easy to think the world revolves around us. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, we can get pretty caught up in ourselves. So how do we stay humble, how do we get perspective? Well, let me tell you what I did today...

This morning I woke up, and without hesitation, I jumped out of bed knowing what I had planned. Less than 15 minutes after I woke up, I was driving up to La Jolla Shores. I spent all day at the beach. I read my bible, journaled, walked, prayed, did some push ups, read a book called "Love Does", surfed, and swam. After about 5 hours, I hopped back into my car, took a shower at home, and now I just arrived at work for tonight's service.

I love that I live by the ocean, I love that I always feel refreshed after being around mother nature, it's almost like we were made for it. Every week I have to get somewhere where I feel small. Whether it be on a surfboard in the Pacific Ocean, or on top of a mountain looking over 100s of miles, I have to get perspective on how small I am compared to the beauty that surrounds me. This not so subtle reminder helps me stay humble.

What helps you stay humble?

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