Start with 'Be'

I get frustrated with men my age. We men are so driven to succeed (Whatever that means), that we decide to do whatever it takes. I know this personally because I have gone through the same thing. The first couple stages of being truly motivated are frustrating for everyone around the person. Oh, and sorry about the topless man though I do think he encapsulates my frustration. To be fair, I'm sure he's a great guy.

Stages of "Success"

Stage 1: Action

  • Work out for 11 hours, read 14 books, and pray for 13 hours...daily. In this stage, we find our worth in what we do. This is terribly destructive as mood swings are as rollercoasters, extreme highs and extreme lows.  Our self-worth is high when we're completing our duties.

Stage 2: Judgement

  • After a while, we will go through our life with a fine-tooth comb, trying to remove anything that is counterproductive to our goals. Sadly, we measure worth in other people by what they do as well. If you're not working out for 11 hours a day, expect a counseling session from yours truly.

My problem with the first two stages of "success" is it almost always starts with 'doing something' instead of 'being someone' first; it takes mental effort, it's counterintuitive, and it's rare to see. The heart of a loving human is to be that someone, not just do what loving people would do. 

What kind of person do you want to be?

Generous, honest, positive, empathetic? Decide before you start 'doing'.

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