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In the midst of being a young adult, I've realized that I often feel overwhelmed. Whether it be the complexities of spirituality or the messiness of relationship, it's hard figuring it all out.  With that said, I'm also having to navigate all of this without the people who know me the most, my family, since I live in San Diego and they live in Ohio.

My family and I have video calls every couple weeks together.  With my own instability, it is so refreshing to simply hear my families voices. It's not about them saying something profound as much as it is them simply being present. For me, that's stability. I know them so well as they know me just the same. It's safety. 

I hope, in my presence, others can feel that same stablilty. A place in where they feel that they don't have be anyone else but themselves. 

Let's bring stability to someone else's life.

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