Spectator vs. Player

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Sitting in Communal Coffee (Picture above) I remember the mindset I used to have. Thinking of myself as a spectator, I never felt like I had the authority to know what is going on. I had to wait for permission for everything: to create a blog, to make new friends, to start colorful conversations, to move across the country. Everyone else is thriving and I am a spectator in their thriving lives. I was a very sad person.

This was all true until I decided to be a player. This gave me the permission to be in the know. I decided that I didn't have to wait for permission. So I created a blog, I made new friends, I started colorful conversations, and I moved across the country. I am creating my own way to thrive and I am not waiting on the approval of anyone. I am now a player instead of a spectator.

Be a player, choose to be an insider. 

Don't Wait for Permission

C’mon won’t you run free
— Jon Foreman
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