Someone Else's Dream

I think one of my biggest pet peeves is when I see people living someone else's dream. We have companies all around the world who are vying for our time. Did you know that all of the major online brands have made their interfaces customizable? This means that every time you click on their website (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), these brands use is as data points to show you future media that you will enjoy?

Why am I talking about customizable interfaces? These personalized websites are trying steal as much time as you can possibly can give them...all of the sudden you are on Youtube for 3 hours. To brands like youtube, that's no accident! 

Overtime, we realize that Social Media's dream has come true (Achieving Influence) as we're hopeless consumers who've lived it out for them.

Who's dream are you living out?

PurposeJake VaydaComment