Social Sprinkles

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A 9th grade girl told me that she was mad at her boyfriend because he broke their Snapchat streak. She felt hurt that he wouldn't send meaningless pictures in order to keep a lineage of surface intimacy (at least that's I what I heard). I didn't know what to say in response, I still don't know what to say in response.

I've never liked sprinkles, but I will eat it them if they just so happen to be on my ice cream. In so many of my relationships, I've built a foundation of sprinkles through likes on facebook, loves on instagram, and streaks on snapchat. Don't get me wrong, I believe that my social media accounts are like wonderful sprinkles that can add pizzazz to any relationship... but it's not the ice cream.

We've tried to interchange the two, making social media our ice cream and real human connection the sprinkles, but all we get is counterfeit depth.

I have to remind myself that social media is a wonderful 'flavor enhancer' to my relationships but it can't be the foundation. 

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