Social Health

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We are currently in a four-week series called Healthy Measures. This series is all about learning small measures from each other in order to maintain our personal well being.

This week we are focusing on Social Health. The question for the week is this:

What's one small measure you take to maintain your social health?

Often times we forget that we are social beings. As humans, we have been built to live communally. When we live in isolation, many negative ramifications like anxiety, depression, or loneliness creep into our once happy lives. So how do you not fall into this trap of isolating yourself from everybody else? 

Do you go to church every week to find community? Do you make sure you go out with your friends once a week? Do you attend a small group? Do you ask for help when you need it? What's one of the steps you take to insure social health? Please post in the Facebook Group. Thanks! 

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