Slow Paced Summer

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I went up to La Jolla, San Diego this morning to surf. Spending nearly all day on the beach with some great friends was heavenly. I took my time with my girlfriend to get back to Chula Vista instead of rushing back to prepare (although we both had large parts in each our services).

At EastLake Church (Where we both work), this is not a season of growth. During the summer, church attendance is down because of everyone traveling. To be honest, I used to be frustrated when growth wasn't occurring but I now understand that breaks actually inspire growth.

I like the slow paced summer. It's nice to have a couple months out of the year where progress is not being made but instead maintained. If we're always trying to do more, have more, make more, we will get exhausted. To have a season of life where we are simply maintaining what has already been done, it gives us a chance to step back.

It's okay to slow it down


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