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Do you know your footprint? Let me be more clear, do you know your personal affect on other people? Have you ever wondered what you do best when it comes to relationships? Maybe the one thing that you could be the best in the world at that only your footprint can provide? I started asking myself these questions two years ago and it led me to StrengthsFinders. StrengthFinders helps people uncover and develop their natural talents. 

I had the opportunity to get lunch with a StrengthsFinders Coach today. It was a random meeting as a friend invited me along 15 minutes before. I explained to him my top 5 which are to the right.


All of these are self-explanatory besides Significance. This 'talent' has always seemed to be a weakness for me. 

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To be honest, I've always felt a need to be noticed by others. "Hey, look at me! Over here, yeah, look at me!!!" type of egotistical attention. I mentioned this and the coach said, "You got it wrong, significance is not a selfish desire for attention but by a strong desire to be apart of a movement of people doing good in the world. In the midst of that, I just need to know I am making a difference, that's Significance. This strengths helps me love people by creating good in the world (like this blog). I was misinterpreting myself all along.

If you don't know your natural talents and what you are innately great at, I would encourage you to take the test so you can love people through your talents. It's integral to know your footprint. 

It's hard to really know others if you don't really know yourself.

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