Show Face

When I first moved to San Diego I made sure that I said yes to EVERY friend in which I was invited. I did this because I needed to get myself out there...because of course I had no friends. Looking back over a year later, I can say this was one of the best decisions I ever made. 


The more someone sees your face, the more they will trust you. It's a weird thing. Those who I've seen, week in and week out, are the same people I feel most comfortable around. There's a safety that is automatically built after seeing the same face 100s of times. There are weeks I don't want to go that party or that church event but I disregard my feeling so that I may show face to those who I want to build a relationship with.

Those who tend to be the most lonely are the same people who isolate their faces from events where those who could support are present.

Show Face


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