Rocky Mountains

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Driving through the Rocky Mountains last year, I wrote about why I was considering writing a blog. This writing was self-reflective in nature, pointing to myself. As exciting changes are coming to this blog I want to make sure my personality is not lost in the expansion...

You were made to be an entirely different brand of human than the other 7.5 billion people on this planet. Don’t be mistaken, in your search for being your genuine self, others will naturally surround you over time.
This blog will be made for the soul purpose of peeling away the cute stuff to get down to what my heart really breaks I’m going to write about what I have to. This is not an advice blog but a life story.
— Me

Maybe you don't even know yourself yet, kind of like me, but let's remember the world is waiting to see the real you. Dig deep, find yourself, and whatever it takes, express it so that others can be inspired. It's going to be rocky, but if it was easy everyone would do it.


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