Reimagine your Time with God

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Many of us read our bibles several times a week. Often time that includes reading, writing, and praying. That time is specifically about you and God, or at least that's what many of us have been taught. What is God teaching me? How can I fall more deeply in love with God?

What if we re-imagined our time with God to include not only ourselves but our community as well?

Sending our people scripture or a word inspired by God shouldn't feel like a distraction but an action that helps close the gap between us and God. The next time you crack open the bible, start with this prayer: "God, show me a way to seek and seize moments to love people big in my time with you today". As Christians, we should be known for our love for each other, show let's build habits to reflect this idea.

Are you allowing your people to be a part of your time with God?


Jake VaydaComment