Red Eyes and Baby Cries

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I got on the plane at 8:47 PM and got off at 5:13 AM.

We (I don't know who 'we' are...) call this a red eye. I most definitely understand the meaning of this as it's hard to keep my eyes open right now, and it's 8:19 AM. Of course, by the time you read this, it'll most likely be Tuesday so hopefully I slept by this point.

Getting on the plane I noticed a small baby two rows ahead of me. This baby was smiling and laughing at anything and everything she laid her eyes on. Playing peak-a-boo with her, she started responding well as she did with everything else around her by that large grin. The cuteness readily wore off as the ear plugs couldn't stop the piercing scream of her cries at 2:30 AM.

And so, I was at a crossroads like all of us are at, every single day. In this situation, we tend to ask ourselves to different types of questions:

  • Should I get mad at this and be frustrated?
  • Should I let it go and try to pretend it's not there?

I am grateful that recently I have been asking myself a different question that has worked much better for my peace of mind:

  • Is this circumstance worth getting mad about?

Almost every time, the answer has been no. I am forced to let it go and move on since I cannot control the circumstance. Somehow, in the instance of this beautifully loud baby, I let it go and miraculously fell back to sleep.

Next time you are in a similar circumstance, ask yourself...

Is this circumstance worth getting mad about?

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