Reaching Flow

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I spoke the same sermon three times today.

At my church, I help out with the middle school, since we have three services on Sunday, that means I have the opportunity to speak for three straight services. The first two were good, I shared the story about Oscar and Yesenia, but there was a different feeling for the third service. As I was speaking, everything else went to the wayside, the words were slipping off my tongue in a different kind of way. The students were with me the entire time and I knew at that moment I had them.

Later, after verbalizing how great it felt, I realized we would call that flow. Flow is when you forget everything around you as you are so transfixed by the task at hand. I hope, in the future, I can have more of flow... even if that means my voice is gone for the rest of the day.

Whatever you end up doing today, try to reach flow

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