Quality Matters

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It's not enough to check it off a list.

Experience #1:

Today I went to a cool coffeeshop in Liberty Station, San Diego to do some journaling and bible reading with my girlfriend. We literally spent three hours reflecting and verbalizing all that we were learning. Sitting there with a cup of coffee as I'm not only trying to put words to my emotions but to seek to understand them was both fascinating and exhilarating at the same time. The human experience comes alive when I am able to understand more fully the person that I am.

Experience #2:

I only had 25 minutes to reflect so I sat down and scribbled down the thoughts I had for the day. The words weren't coming easy as my mind had yet to catch up to the feelings I was trying to re-create through pen. My penmanship was even sloppier! However, I was able to get across some semblance of the thoughts I had so that when I look back, I can remember.

Which experience seems more rewarding to you? Although both could be "checked off for the day", experience #1 was much more fulfilling. I hope, in our rushing, that we can take time to put quality into the things that matter to us? 

Is the quality of your values diminished because of your busyness?


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