Pushing the Limits

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If we are consistently pushing our own limitations further and further, we are able to see what we are truly capable of.

Although rather funny, the picture above is a wonderful representation of what it often feels like when we are pushed to our limits. We're mad at the person who pushed us and we're freaking out because it feels like we're falling of a cliff; however, at the end of the day, pressing our limits is not what breaks us as much as it can be what makes us.

My voice is completely gone. After holding an event yesterday and speaking three services today, it's safe to say that I'd rather not speak for the next 20842 years. Though, there is this sense of completion and grit that I rather enjoy about my decimated throat (What a weird combination of words). To be able to push your body to the limit in a healthy way is what I aim to do on a regular basis.

Push the limit on your own potential today

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