Pour Out Your Life Experience

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Today, one of my favorite people, Favian, took his next step in his faith journey by publicly declaring his love for Jesus in front of friends and family. It's so very rewarding to see someone progress over time, I've seen his growth over the past year. To continue to be a part of his life is truly my honor as I have, and will continue to be, inspired by his servant heart. In a lot of ways, he reminds me of myself: Ambitious, innocent, and grounded. With that said, I believe he is farther along at the age of 18 than I was during those years which makes excited about the person that he can become.

I hope that as we all continue to seek and seize ways to love people bigger, some of the same people keep showing up. These people are the same people that we need to invest more and energy in. I don't know who your Favian is, but I hope you have someone that you get to pour your life experience into on a regular basis.

Who do you get to pour your life experience into?

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