Plant to Grow

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I like Church because I get to see people I love. Right now Church takes form in a weekend service. One of my favorite parts of Church is bouncing from person to person having short conversations that include a hug, and a simple "How are you?". Today, having such wonderful conversations with close friends, I left one hour after service!

Over the past 9 months of going to the same Church almost every Sunday I've started naturally feeling an affinity to those faces I regularly see. Soon relationships blossomed and Church has now become more of an opportunity to see fascinating people instead of an obligation to check a spiritual box. 

...but it took 9 months. I've seen many of my close friends jump from church to church recently and it makes me sad because if you don't plant you can't grow. Dedicate yourself to a tribe of people that are seeking Good and don't leave for 9 months. This is my recommendation based off of personal experience.

Dedicate yourself to one Community


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