Petrified to Jump

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Having conversations late at night all through college, he always had such different insight than everyone else in the group. He is one of the smartest people I knew; yet, people would call him lazy. He always turned in assignments late and would always be the last one to arrive at every event. He was always semi-committed to everything. Why was he one of the most gifted minds I knew but would never put all of himself into a project or even a person? 

I asked his then girlfriend one day, once I got the gumption to finally pose the question. She paused and then answered, "He is afraid to put all of himself into something only to have it fail. He's afraid that he won't be enough."

How many of us are so petrified to jump 100% in because of the fear of failure?

The fear of failure is crippling as it keeps us from exact things we most want in life. 

  • We want love so much that we're afraid to put all 100% of us into the relationships, insecurities and all.
  • We want purpose so much that we're afraid to put all 100% of into the hours it takes.
  • We want joy so much that we're afraid to put all 100% of us into forming the necessary habits.

Because what if we put EVERYTHING into the pursuit, and still fail?

Hear me when I say that just because you fail does not make you a failure. 

Go all in, risk it all for the things that matter to you. Generosity, health, love, purpose, joy, whatever it is, go for it. At some point we gotta let go of the rope of comfortability.

Sometimes the things we fear the most are the exact things we should be running towards.

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