Perfection in the Imperfection

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Rolling through the mountains by car as the sun begins to set, my hair’s blown backwards as I peer out of the window. The music plays loudly with the words repeated by my four friends. The sun paints the mountains a wonderful combination of deep orange and yellow, I close my eyes. I think to myself, “there is no such thing as perfect moment. Some small detail is always out of place: Tiredness, worry, or busyness fogs almost every experience. I have to decide, right now, to find perfection in the imperfection.”

  • Even if I have a task I forgot to complete yesterday.

  • Even if there is tension in a relationship that bugging me.

  • Even if I haven’t worked out in a week

…can I still find a perfect moment? I believe the answer is yes. There is always something that could be improved or removed, but just for a second, let it be, let it go.

Today, let yourself find peace in the midst of the chaos.

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