Peek the NEW Changes

This whole next stage of this blog will be about moving people to action and creating practical good in our communities. Thanks to all the feedback from people yesterday, these are community changes that I am making. These innovations will begin this this Monday. HERE WE GO!

1. Topical Series- I have enjoyed blogging about whatever comes to my mind during the day; however, this never left room to really dive into a specific topic for more than a day. That is changing as we will be focusing on one topic for several weeks. For example this series coming up will be called, Don't Wait, which will be all about not waiting for the perfect moment to show glimpses of who we dream to be but making changes now. All of the blogs for that series will be strategically written to cement and affirm the main idea for that series. 

2. Weekly Challenges- With the topical series focus, we will have weekly challenges. For example the topic for week 1 of Don't Wait is: Don't wait for others. The challenge is first posed in a question: What have you been waiting for other people to do? Whatever the answer is, (Volunteer at a homeless shelter, work out, compliment your friends etc.) that is your challenge for the week!


  3. Community Involvement- This is the BIGGEST piece of the puzzle. Since commenting on the blog is not that easy, I have decided to open a Facebook group where we can spark dialogue about anything that revolves around the topic of moving ourselves to action and creating practical good in our communities. This is a place where we can discuss these challenges, share pictures, videos of us completing the challenges, and a place where we can be inspired.

I hope you are as excited as I am. The only other innovation to this blog is the daily themes, that will inspire and motivate to complete the weekly challenges. I will discuss that tomorrow! In the mean time, please join the Facebook Group as this will be VITAL to our tribe.

Join our tribe's Facebook Group

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