Painting our Legacy Pt. 5

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How do we create a Legacy that is significant?

Today, we are ending our series called, "Painting our Legacy". In five strokes, we will discover practical ways to paint our legacy one day at a time.

The 5 Strokes to paint a significant legacy

  1. Recognize the innate connection between your daily lives and your legacy

  2. Discover the legacy you would like to paint

  3. Be aware of the legacy you are currently painting

  4. Forge new colors to create the legacy you have always dreamt about

  5. Keep Painting, no matter the cost.

It's easy to get tired. It's easy to pick up colors that are in arms reach but don't really fit into the legacy you are painting. The short term gratification is an easy win, but the long term gratification is a more rewarding win. A beautiful legacy is only given to those who work for it. 

My final plea as we end this series is to not stop painting. Do whatever it takes to live out your manifesto. The cost will be high, be sure of that, but the reward of generations after you being positively effected is absolutely worth every color you splash on your canvas.

Keep Painting, no matter the cost.

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