Painting our Legacy Pt. 3

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How do we create a Legacy that is significant?

This is the question we are answering this week. In five strokes, we are discovering practical ways to paint our legacy one day at a time. Today we are in the third installment:

The 5 Strokes to Paint a Significant Legacy

  1. Recognize the innate connection between your daily lives and your legacy

  2. Discover the legacy you would like to paint

  3. Be aware of the legacy you are currently painting

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I have a bad habit.

On the weekends I can tend to binge watch Youtube videos for many hours. I can just lay down on my bed and distract myself from life by watching meaningless short clips of entertainment. I started this habit a couple months out of College after moving to San Diego.

I was so exhausted that during my off days I would make a decision to be lazy all day, claiming that is how I rejuvenated for the upcoming workweek. About a year after, I can still fall into this same habit. I believe we are all the sum of our daily decisions. I know we need rest, but I know of many better ways to be re-energized than watch mindless media. 

About a month ago, I knew that if I kept deciding weekly to do this, I would not be painting the legacy I want to paint. Are you painting the legacy that you want to paint? Like, right now, are you? Please answer honestly because it's the only way to reimagine what legacy you could paint.

  • Are you angry too often?
  • Not reading enough?
  • Discouraged by the people in your life?

What do you need to cut out of your life to live the life you want so that you may paint the legacy you want to paint?

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