Painting our Legacy Pt. 2

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How do we create a Legacy that is significant?

This week we are in a brand new series called, "Painting our Legacy". In five strokes, we will discover practical ways to paint our legacy one day at a time. Today we are in the second installment:

The 5 Strokes to paint a significant legacy

  1. Recognize the innate connection between your daily lives and your legacy

  2. Discover the legacy you would like to paint

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Every 90 days I try to make my way to a cemetery. That sentence probably sounds extremely weird but let me explain: There is no better place to go than the cemetery if you want to be reminded how short life truly can be. Some lived colorful lives other not so much. If you so choose to be buried in a cemetery, the only item attributed to your body will be a rock in which is engraved with, "Insert your name", and maybe a short summary. That's it.

To be real with you, I hope you dream of a legacy bigger than a rock with your name on it. I hope you dream of a legacy that is colorfully displayed through generation after generation because of your relational impact. I hope people know your purpose and your manifesto when you pass. I don't know the legacy of the bodies under the tombstones, but I hope someone will when they look at mine.

How would you like to be remembered? What words would you like people to say when you pass? 

I would like to be know for...

For homework, please finish that sentence. Discover the legacy you would like to paint. It's actually needed in order to fully appreciate this blog series. So, the next time you are in a cemetery, try to remember how life is fleeting and try to remember you can make an impact. For my own integrity, I will finish this sentence:

I would like to be know for...

the way facilitated everyone I knew into a thriving community 

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