Painting our Legacy Pt. 1

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How do we create a Legacy that is significant?

Over the next five days, we will be in a brand new series called, "Painting our Legacy". In five strokes, we will discover practical ways to paint our legacy one day at a time.

The 5 Strokes to paint a significant legacy

  1. Recognize the innate connection between our daily lives and our legacy

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Maturity was never a word anybody would attribute to me growing up. On the contrary, I was the kid that said whatever came to my mind. My self centered world would be rocked every time I didn't get my way whether it be a movie I didn't want to watch or the front seat that seemed to be always given to my older brother. To be honest, immaturity would be a better word to describe my childhood self.

This was the case until I got a journal from my mother during my freshman year of college. Instead of always saying what was on my mind as I thought the world would stop a listen to me, I would write it in my journal. Over time, this became my home, a place of refuge for me as I wrestled through life circumstances, fears, insecurities, hopes and dreams. Day by day I slowly became more reflective, holding my tongue until I was able to pick up a pen. Just five years and four journals later, I can safely say that I no longer struggle with immaturity nearly as much as I used to. I can confidently say that reflective and selfless are characteristics of the man I am turning into more and more as page after page is filled with my experiences. I've realized that there is an innate connection between our daily lives and our legacy:

  • If I drink a 150 calorie can of coke everyday, over the span of a year it will be 54,750 calories.

  • If I workout for 30 minutes everyday, over the span of a year it will be 182 hours of exercise.

  • If I read 3 chapters of the bible everyday, over the span of a year, you will read the whole bible!

My daily life will determine the quality of life I live over time. It sounds simple, but our daily decisions are the number one factor in our own legacy. Over time, our daily habits start forming and forging a certain kind of person. You will simply become more of who you are today overtime. In many ways, this is not rocket science, but my hope is that this may give us a healthy perspective on our lives and a great launching pad to truly understand how to paint a significant legacy.

Recognize the innate connection between our daily lives and our legacy

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