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I've been at a great conference all day. We actually just got done with our last meeting and it's 11:48 PM. I'm not sure if it's because I got 5 hours of sleep or the fact that I've been on-the-go for 15 straight hours, but I've been weirdly emotional today. Or, maybe it's a combination of both, and the fact that I just want to be more like Jesus. That's what this conference is about, Jesus. Honestly, I've been inspired quite a lot. I was asking myself this question all day:

 What if I aligned my heart so intrinsically with Jesus that I operated out of a place of overflow?

With that said, we are in this series called Healthy Measures. This series is all about learning small measures from each other in order to maintain our personal well being. This week we are specifically talking about Spiritual Health.

Here's the question for the week:

What's one small measure you take to maintain your spiritual health?

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