Overcoming the Feels

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I can choose to be 100% into the moment if I allow it for myself.

I lead four middle school services every weekend for a Church. Three of those services are on Sunday. By the end of the second service, my energy levels are very low. Let’s just say, on a scale from 1 to 10, I would rate myself a -342.

I was stuck with two choices after the second service: Succumb to the low energy or to find some way to bring myself back up to a 10. I decided the latter. I gathered my whole team of 15 people together and gave the shortest motivational speech that concluded with all of us putting our hands together for a fantastic break, randomly yelling, “Cheese”!

The last service of the day went on to be the best service we’ve had for months. Rallying your emotions to complete the impossible builds your own self-esteem. Yes, that might be a little dramatic, but overcoming a certain feeling can seem like overcoming the impossible! In celebration of overcoming the feels, we took this picture above.

What feeling do you have to overcome today?

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