Our Purpose, your Manifesto

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Life goes by really fast. Scientifically we know that our time actually appears to go faster as we get older. So, for all of us, time truly is going by faster and faster as we get older and older. What are we doing with the short time we do have? This is a question I seem to ask myself everyday. Sometimes, it drives me crazy but it has kept me running the race set before me.

So how can you stop from being derailed from the life you want to live?

Purpose (Which is universal): To seek and seize moments to love people big as I go.

Manifesto (With is Personal): I help facilitate people into thriving community. 

I found my manifesto through living my purpose. To forget purpose and manifesto for years seems to be a tragedy waiting to happen. I hope you are living a purpose driven life and it has not been derailed by life's tragedies. In order to not be derailed, start living out your purpose in any way you can. Sure, write about it and talk about it, but would you actually live out your purpose today? Go, and seek and seize moments to love people big, maybe along the way you will find what your heart breaks for. If you do, that's your manifesto.

Live out our collective purpose and find your manifesto

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