No Win in Comparison

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There are only two options when you compare yourself to someone else:

  1. You are dehumanizing the other.

It disregards the other person's personal value to when we decide that we are 'better' or 'more'. We compare on our terms, from our point of view/personality/strengths. This destructive act does show at some point in every relationship. Once we've ranked ourselves higher, the other person will start saying things like:

  • I don't know why, but I just don't feel good about myself around him anymore.
  • I just get a bad feeling about her.

       2. You are dehumanizing yourself.

When you compare yourself to someone else and decidedly think they are superior, it's a terrible feeling. With that said, it's more than just a terrible feeling, it actually produces terrible results as well. Once we feel "less than" our confidence dips to point in where we can never truly live into our God given potential because we are so entrenched by our own insecurities.

Comparison is a lose/lose. So, do yourself a favor and everyone around one as well by fighting comparison with all your strength. I've seen too many relationships be destroyed by this game.

No Win in Comparison



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