No Footprints

Being on the cliffs in La Jolla, California was slightly scary to say the least. Instead of going on the path most people took, I looked for the path that would ultimately be tougher. I guess I was just looking for that moment where your heart starts pumping really fast out of fear or out of excitement or maybe out of both. I'm not an adrenaline junkie or anything, I just like an adventure.

As we were finding our way down from the cliffs, I notice a path that had no footprints. I immediately started making my way down through the dirt and rocks. I get to a clearing and realize it wasn't a smart idea at all. The beach below leading to the water seemed very far away from the unraveling ruble of the steep cliff that I just so happened to be on. Having no choice but to find a way, we slid and jumped our way to the bottom. With our hands torn and our clothes completely dirty we reach the bottom and then notice a sign: "DO NOT CLIMB, EXTREMELY DANGEROUS". 

Well, my heart did start pumping really fast so I guess I got what I asked for. After walking along the beach for an hour, I realized that diving deep into a relationship is much like that cliff, it isn't easy and it's the road less traveled. For me, opening myself up to another human being has been such a foreign idea. Since every relationship is different, there are no footprints leading you along the way and it's both scary and exciting at the same time. 

I hope I can take the path of vulnerability within my close relationships, even if there are no footprints leading the way.